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Traditional Bridal Make-up Seminar

Last week I attended a "Traditional Bridal Make-up Seminar" organized by Sari Ayu Puspita Martha. This seminar is very useful to know the traditional Javanese wedding make-up.

I'm very satisfied has attended this seminar because a lot of knowledge gained. The seminar filler are specialist traditonal bridal make-up artist, proffesional make-up artist, and the designer. The most fun thing is on the seminar is when they demo make-up on the stage, they used ice cubes to set the make-up! Lol. Ticket price is Rp 175,000 (around US $18) already voucher that can be spent on product Sari Ayu cosmetics at Rp 100,000 and get coffee break and lunch . Very porfitable, right? :)

Anyway, this photos at the seminar :

Just arrived!

Ticket plus voucher for Sari Ayu cosmetics

Sari Ayu cosmetics : trio eyeshadow palette, lipstick, liquid lip color

The stage

Mrs.Ima doing "Paes"for Javanes bridal make-up


Mr.Taufik doing smokey eyes with touch of purple

love the make-up!

The designer : Mr.Deden Siswanto & Mr.Rudy Chandra

Designed by Mr.Deden Siswanto

Design by Mr.Rudy Chandra

Mr.Sake using ice cubes for final touch!

Hair stylist by Mr.Yudin


Love the eye make-up

All performance

with my favorite make-up artist!

I hope Puspita Martha will held another seminar like this with full of knowledge about make-up and beauty :)

Good Night!

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Traditional Bridal Make-up Seminar + Seminar