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Tutorial : Daytime till Night time Make-up

June and July are a lot of wedding invitations, I even come to the wedding party three times in one day. Wow! Sometimes I often use the roll of hair inside the car so that the hair looks like from the beauty salon, lol!

weirdo >__<

Anyway, I made a tutorial make-up for daytime till night time. I hope this tutorial useful for attending wedding party in this weekend :)

1. Apply eye primer all over the lid and apply in lower lash line too. I'm using UDPP

2. Apply golden bronze shimmer eye shadow on eye lid

3. With blending brush, apply brown matte eye shadow on the crease and blend it

4. Apply a dark brown matte eye shadow on outer V and blend it

5. Apply shimmery off white eye shadow on brow bone

6. I line upper lash line with eye liner gel in black color. I'm using MAD in Blackout

7. Apply shimmery golden bronze and dark brown matte eye shadow on lower lash line

8. With small brush and apply shimmery off white eye shadow in the inner conner

9. Curl the lashes and add mascara

My tips : If you go to a wedding party in daytime use a nude color lipstick and lipgloss because you'll look fresh and natural.

Face :
- Pond's White Beauty Natural
- Inez Satin Foundie in Beige
- Maybelline Instant Age Concealer
- Revlon Microfine l/p
- L'oreal Mineral Blusher in Soft Peach

Eyes :
- CS 88 Shimmer palette, Sariayu Rimba Sumatra Kit, NYX smokey eye palette
- MAD eye liner gel in Blackout
- Maybelline Magnum mascara

Lips :
- EOS lip balm
- Revlon Super Lustrous in Nude Velvet
- Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Nude Lustre

At the night, use a more colorful lipstick. In my case, I use peach coral lipstick. At night, hairstyle changed slightly to make it look different in the morning.

I'm using NYX indian pink lipstick

Thank you for reading!

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Tutorial : Daytime till Night time Make-up + Tutorial