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Palty Hair Dye in Beauty Mauve

Hello pretties!!

Today I decided to dye my hair with Palty hair color. I choose Palty because so many good reviews about it! I choose Beauty Mauve color that is reddish brown color because I think it is suitable for my skin tone.

cute packaging

lovely color

First I opened the packaging, I was little worried because all the writing in Japanese!! I'd completly forgotten the Kanji!! Only Hiragana and Katakana that I can still read (how pathetic I am!). Luckily, they had English instruction..thank God :D

I can't read :(

I can't read :(

now I can read :D

The result :

Pros :
- Very easy to use
- Only 20 minute the hair is colored
- Affordable price (S $ 12)

Con :
- Ammonia smells was terrible!!

Overall I like Palty hair color! I want to try Palty Bubble Package. How about you? Did you try Palty hair color? I want to know :)

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Palty Hair Dye in Beauty Mauve + Palty