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What's in My Travel Bag?

I want to share some photos of my preperation for my summer trip :) I only bring one backpack and the inside there are only a few clothes and small bags.

The first is a small bag black color

my notebook and small bag black color

This black bag is very important because there are passport, money, ID Card, ATM Cards, Pens and my mobile phone. This bag is I borrowed from my dad who likes to travel :D

The second is Red bag

This bag contains the cable such as mobile phone battery chargers, digital camera battery charger, card reader and USB.

USB and digital camera battery charger

card reader and mobile phone battery charger

This is the fun part : Make-up Bag :D

magenta color :)

ta-da!!! there are also mirror inside the bag :)

First pocket :

liquid bath soap, toothbrushes, and shampoo sachets

Slidelines of the pocket I put body spray from Casablanca., I like this body spray because it has a long lasting scent and I like the fresh smell.

Casablanca body spray

The next pocket :

Rexona mini deodorant, Vaseline Healthy sunblock SPF 30, Ponds White Beauty Facial Wash,
eyebrows shaver, and underarm hair shaver (LOL) ^^

and don't forget to bring Biore cleansing Oil in Cotton (best friend for travel)

The other pockets :

First pocket :

Aigner mini body lotion, Parasol (sunscreen face) SPF 33, EOS lipbalm, Powder puff, Revlon microfine powder that has been depot pink, and Ponds white natural moisturizer
that I also depots in Kerokeropi :)

Another pocket :

Maybelline Eyestudio Cream eye shadow, Maybelline Magnum mascara, NYX felt tip liner, Viva eyebrow pencil, L'oreal mineral blush (I brought this blush because there are brush inside the packaging)

The last pocket :

a comb, Revlon Lustrous lipstick in Ginger Rose, Inez concealer stick (for eye primer),
Sari Ayu duo liquid lip color, mini parfume, hairpins and eyedrops Insto.

I also bring a mini box medicine :)

I must get ready to go on vacation with my BF's (Best Friend and Boy Friend). Bye all :)

Ps. today is my birthday and I busy for preparation of my summer trip urgh I'm getting old :(

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What's in My Travel Bag? + Trip