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Tutorial : Office Day Look

Hello pretties,

Today I wanna show my office day look and I made a tutorial!! I made this tutorial is very easy and fast because in the morning, I had to rush off to the office. Hope you like my office day look :)

1. Prime the eyelid with eye primer or liquid foundation

2. With the finger, apply silver cream shadow all over the lid

3. Apply grey shimmer eye shadow color all over the lid

4. Apply brown color on V and add purple color on crease, blend it.

4. Apply brown eye shadow on lower lashline and line upper lashline with gel liner

5. Don't forget to curl the lashes and add mascara

The final look :

What do you think? Many office people say that my office day look is too much. Well, I don't care! I just wanna "play" my eye shadow :p

Last pic :

Arrrggghhh... I miss my long hair!!!! :'(

Take care and stay healthy pretties ^___^

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Tutorial : Office Day Look + Tutorial