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Sponsor Review : L'Oreal Double Extension Curl Mascara

beautiful package from L'Oreal

I don't really like wearing false lashes because it makes my eyes became heavy and itchy. I admit, I have long lashes but they are thin. Therefore I chose to use the latest L'Oreal mascara it is Double Extension Curl Mascara. This mascara can curl and lengthen my lashes and hold for 24 hour!! Seriously?? Yupp I'm telling the truth!!

This mascara has two different comb : Fortifying Base & Curling Topcoat

Step 1 (Fortifiying Base)

Fortifiying base with aquaflex complex. Equipped with ceramide, argan oil 1 jojoba to strengthen and soften lashes. It's white color and after wearing this comb, my lashes became softer. The function as a base before applying mascara.

Step 2 (Curling Topcoat)

Curling Topcoat with Flex Polymer. Equipped with a flex polymer to curl lashes. Water-block technology makes it flicks up to 24 hour. This comb is very large and curve to makes lashes became more curl. Besides can curl eyelashes, this mascara is waterproof. Although the L'Oreal Double Extension Curl mascara is resistant up to 24 hour, not difficult to clean. Just using L'Oreal eye and lip remover can clean the mascara without residual.

Result :



I really love with this mascara and this is gonna be my favorite mascara (for now)
So, are you still need a false lashes?? or wanna try L'Oreal Double Extension Curl Mascara ?? :)
Only Rp 129.000 you get a very curl and long eyelashes

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Sponsor Review : L'Oreal Double Extension Curl Mascara + sponsored review