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Review Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge

Hello Pretties!!

I get Rose Ring Rouge from Anna Sui Event 2 month ago (read here). Rose Ring Rouge is my favorite because it is multifunction. Why? Because it can be a accessories (ring) and also can be a gloss ^^

Characteristics :
- Beautifully designed like a luxurious, antique piece of jewerly
- Pearls shine brilliantly through a vividly clear base
- Long lasting shine and hydration

Available in 8 colours : Dazzling Purple (200), Coral Pink (300), Clear Pink (300), Fuschia (302), Anna Red (400), Natural Orange (600), Glittery Beige (700), Dazzling Gold (800).

Each color is formulated with gloss clear oil that makes it glow and moisturize at the same time. Pearl granules contained in the basic materials, added the glitter and sparkle in every color so light that last a long time as well as moisturize ensure the lips look glamorous all day long!

Beauty Ingredients :
- Rosa Canina Extract (Moisturizing Effect)
- Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Honey (Emollient Effect)

Price :
Rp 323.000

I get Anna Red (400) this is Anna Sui favorite shade :) The color is sheer because it is a gloss. Need a 2 or 3 layers that color became vibrant. The texture is super moist, smooth and glossy. The gloss is not sticky. The shade of Anna Red (400) is not Red but it makes my lips look soft pink with glossy effect :D It can be use for daily natural look ^^

The ring packaging is luxurious and briliant!! I love detail of packaging is vintage look. The ring is fit on my middle finger. Open the lid and inside there's a red rose balm. Make sure your finger is clean before applying on your lips.

Thank you for reading ^^

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Review Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge + sponsored review