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Review Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish

I forget that I didn't give a review of Anna Sui Eau de Toilette Fairy Dance Secret Wish !! In the end of 2012, I was invited for Anna Sui Eau de Toilette Fairy Dance Secret Wish launch event. At the time, I was busy for preparing my wedding day and I was busy with my work in the office -___- huhuhu I'm sorry for late review :( but better late than never, right? ^^

In December 2012, Anna Sui Indonesia invited me for Anna Sui Eau de Toilette Fairy Dance Secret Wish launch event at Taman Menteng. I love Anna Sui Indonesia held an event because it's not ordinary event and I love the concept and the decoration of the event. Here's some pictures of the Anna Sui Eau de Toilette Fairy Dance Secret Wish launch event :

The fairy beauty blogger : Carryn, Me and Carnellin

Imagine to the fantasy garden where the fairies fly and dance... imagine a happy place, glittering with sunshine and joy... pink roses blooming around... beautiful butterflies play among the rainbow... .the music in the air... .joined with the fairies dance... .and it's like a dream... .cheerful and happy... .The fairies will make wishes come true... .free and ready to find the greatest happiness in life... .Just dance to the rhythm of your hearts! That is the concept of this fragrance is cheerful, sweet and happy!!

This fragrance consists of 3 notes :

- Top : Tangerine, Mango, Pink Pepper
- Heart : Fresh Rose, Peony, Bamboo
- Base : Sandalwood, Vetiver

The scent is more day-time fragrance. It is fruity and sweet but it's not overpoweringly sweet. The fragrance is warmth and seductiveness. It feel fruity, warm, sweet, seductive, playful, and fun ^^

Anna Sui EDT Fairy Dance Secret Wish has a lovely shimmer floral pink box which resembles fairy dust and a story telling design which brings the perfume to life. Carton design that embossed to make the story come alive.

The bottle is very unique to any other perfume bottle. The shape is fits on hand grip.

This new design captures all three sides of the original curved bottle Secret Wish, with fairy who posed above ^^

Overall, I like this fragrance. The fragrance is very light. It's beautiful, loveable scent :)

Price :

Eau de Toilette 30ml - Rp 450.000
Eau de Toilette 50ml - Rp 615.000
Eau de Toilette 75ml - Rp 790.000
Body Lotion 200ml - I don't know the price hehe you can ask at the Anna Sui counter ^^

Thank you for reading and have a nice long weekend, pretties!!

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Review Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish + sponsored review