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Shinjuku Premium Salon

I'm sorry for late posting >__<
I'm trying to be an good employee and to be an good beauty blogger too!!!

Anyway, this time I'm posting about my makeover at Shinjuku Premium Salon. The Shinjuku Premium salon available at Kuningan City Mall. Jakarta is the fifth branch of the Shinjuku Premium salon whose center is located in Surabaya.

I had the opportunity for a makeover, yay!! Before starting the makeover, Mr.Audid (the owner of Shinjuku Premium) ask a some question for me like a my daily activities, my hair problems and many more. After discussion, Mr.Audid finally gave the advice that my hair should be curled/ perm (for bottom only)

before makeover

discuss with Mr.Audid

Let's start!

finishing touch

me and Mr.Audid

Marcelle, me and Mr.Audid

Do I look more mature with this new hair???? LOL :D

Wow Mr.Audid is very interactive with their customers! Also Shinjuku Premium team is very kind, they gave advice for hair treatment that suits me :)

Thank you Shinjuku Premium!!! I'm very impressive with the result ^___^

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Shinjuku Premium Salon + review