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Mini Haul : Local Beauty Product

Yes another local beauty product mini haul!! I love local beauty product because they are cheap and great product!! I love Indonesia!!

Sari Ayu Rimba Sumatra Beauty Kit

These beauty kit have 1 face powder, 2 blushes, 6 eye shadows, and 4 lipstick. Only IDR 80.000 (US $ 8) It's cheap and complete!! The eye shadow are all shimmery and very pigmented. The colors of eye shadow are beautiful... I love the golden brown color in this kit (very very gorgeous color!!). The staying power of eye shadows is good!!

with flash

without flash

The blushes were awesome... its peachy pink and tan color (can be a bronzer). The lipsticks are so-so for me because makes my lips dry but the color of lipsticks are pretty (coral, a pinked rose, an orange and a browned red color). Face powder is too light for my skin but I use for under my eye (dark circle) or can be a high light. Cons : boring packaging and the brushes on this palette are disappointed. Overall I love this beauty kit!! My rate is about 4.5 of 5

My Darling Liquid Eye Liner

I thought these stuff made from China or Taiwan but it wasn't from there. This eye liner is truly made in Indonesia! And the production is in Purwokerto (my mom's hometown) lol. The eye liner is so smooth and easy to apply and have a great black color. Yes it's very very black and cheap, only IDR 12.000 (US $ 1.2). Cons : ugly packaging (not cute at all) and poor staying power (not waterproof). My rate is about 3 of 5

Wardah Lip Balm

Well I have a lip balm..The reason I bought another lip balm is because every time I do make-up for my clients, their wanted use a lip balm before apply lipstick. So I bought these lip balm. Why Wardah?? Yup these lip balm is cheap IDR 18.000 (US $ 1.8) and I surprised that these lip balm didn't have a smell (no perfume) and makes the lip smooth and glossy. Cons : boring packaging. My rate is about 4 of 5

Ok that's it my mini haul of local beauty product, I hope this review is usefull for all of you

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Mini Haul : Local Beauty Product + Wardah