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Kanebo Event Beauty Blogger Gathering

First, I want to apologize!! This blog update not maximal because at the time of the event my camera battery is died (clumsy me!!!) so I just use camera phone :'(

2 weeks ago I was invited from Kanebo. The kanebo present make-up artist from Japan that is Toru Nishimura. He did make over, tips and how to apply make-up properly.

he's really talented!!

the result :)

Advice from Mr.Toru is don't use thick foundation to cover acne or blemishes and he show to us how to use mascara to make it thick and long. I'm amazed with his trick!!!!

Actually in Kanebo event, we can get makeover with Mr.Toru but I'm not in the mood (because my battery camera died) and I choose didn't get makeover (stupid me) >___<

his sketch, his really proffesional and detail!!

Mr.Toru and me (taken from Priscilla)

Mr. Toru, beauty bloggers, and Kanebo team (take from Priscilla again)

Thank you Kanebo for inviting me and I can meet Mr.Toru who gave a lot of tips and trick about make-up. I'm sorry for my blogpost isn't maximal :(

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Event, and more:

Kanebo Event Beauty Blogger Gathering + Kanebo