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REVIEW : Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Who doesn't know about Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter?? :)

I really curious about lip butter since december last year! One week before I attended to Lip butter launch event, I went to Revlon counter to bought lip butter (I can't hardly wait to try). I bought Sweet Tart and Tutti Frutti. Then at the launching event, I've got Strawberry Shortcake and Sugar Plum!! Yaayyy!! Now I have 4 lip butter ^^

According to survey, the women have problems using a lipstick that cause lips dry and cracked, especially when in the air condition (AC) room. So Revlon create Colorburst Lip Butter for solve that problem!

Lip butter is combination of lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss. Lipstick for colored the lips. Lip balm for nourish lip and colorless. Lip gloss for lips look glossy and thick. Lip butter is a combination of all of it. Lip butter didn't make lip dry and if you apply, dry skin on lip can be lifted by itself.

Strawberry Shortcake

The color is soft pink and girly sweet innocent light wash of sheer nude pink. For me, this shade is not pigmented, I must 2 or 3 swipe for color came out.

This color perfect for smokey eye make-up but I've tried in this post and I look so pale :( My skin tone may not match using this shade. I think strawberry shortcake is perfect for a light-skinned.

Sugar Plum

Love the color : a soft natural-looking mauve. It's just such a pretty berry color with a nice purple undertone. It's not too dark, not too sheer.

I think the sugar plum is pigmented. My lips look so natural using sugar plum.

Sweet Tart

Sweet Tart is vibrant, raspberry pin bubblegum that is highly pigmented and incredibly gorgeous. Only one swipe will give a juicy-but-looking bright pink color. Love this shade!

Tutti Frutti

LOVE LOVE LOVE this shade!!! ORANGE!! I gon't know why I like orange color so I really like this shade. Tutti Frutti is my favorite color of lip butter.

It's a wearable that leans slightly orange coral and a shade that brightens up my face. This is a perfect shade for spring and summer!!



Pros :
- Moisturizing
- No scent
- No flavor
- Dosn't make lips dry
- Cute packaging

Cons :
- Poor staying power (only lasted 2 hour or 1 hour if you drink and eat)
- a bit too expensive Rp 75.0000 (I think it cost about Rp 50.000 *cheapwhore*)

Overall I love this product because lip butter is very moist and make my lip did not dry. Lip butter has 20 beautiful color variant. Wearing lip butter like wearing lip balm but the colors more pigmented, not "heavy" like a lipstick. Repurchase? Of course!! I wanna try another color ^^

What do you think about lip butter?? :)

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REVIEW : Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter + Revlon