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Ponds Pajamas Party

It's been a long time I didn't update blog >____<
anyway, do you realize I change my domain blog?? Yuuuppp finally I bought domain!! Yaayy ^___^

Back to the update blog, this time I want to share my super fun experiment Ponds Pajamas Party! Yup I was invited to the Ponds Pajamas Party event at Grand Hyatt Hotel :D

Wow I was shocked because I provide a large room hotel for one person!!!

luxurious bathroom

Queen bed just for me \^o^/

What is that???

Welcome gift from Ponds ^^v

The dresscode for this party is Pajamas (of course). This party especially for some media and two beauty blogger. What?? only two beauty blogger?? Yuppp only me and my super cute beauty blogger friend, Stella was invited. WE ARE VERY LUCKY!!!

me wearing pink pajamas

I was check-in at 6 pm because I was busy at the office -___-'' so I rushed to take a shower (didn't get try bathtub) and wearing pajamas. At 7 pm me and Stella going to 26th floor (penthouse) where the party held. I was embrassed wearing pajamas and take the elevator in a five star hotel >___< Thank God I'm with Stella hehe...

Stella and me =)

Wow... I was impressed with the decoration of party room!! *lebay* and I eat a lot yummy foods that provided... The foods was very tasty until I say "Oishii" it's mean delicious. Fyi, when I say "Oishiii" it's the sign that the food is really tasty *lebay bgt*

love- love - love <3

After we finished dinner, the party begins. This time Ponds explaining how important wearing moisturizer in the morning and before the bed time. The party was very fun and entertaining because a lot of games and quiz. And guess what... I was dancing like cherrybelle (girlband in Indonesia)!!! OMG!!! Of course I lost because I can't dance, lol :D

The funny MC

Me explain my daily routine before bed time

The last session is getting a free facial for Ponds team. It feels very relax and fresh!!! OMG stay and get a free facial at Grand Hyatt... It was like a dream!!! After that, we all returned to own rooms.

Stella getting ready for facial

creepy... .

In the next morning, I didn't want to wake up because I still want to stay at Grand Hyatt but isn't possible because we have to check-out before 12am and we have to rushed because me and Stella will be attending another beauty event. Before check-out, we headed for breakfast! We both eat a lot yummy breakfast ehehe :)

bye luxurious bathroom :(

my breakfast part 1 :p

Thank you so much Ponds Indonesia for inviting me!!! The party was awesome!! Ponds Indonesia is very generous because I was invited for Pajamas party, stay at Grand Hyatt hotel, and I got a goodie bag :)

Super enjoyable experience :*

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