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Review Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme

Hello Pretties!!

I wanna review my newest favorite fragrance. Yup that is Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme Eau de Toilette! The new fragrance from Anna Sui 2013. This fragrance inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, a journey between a passion and a romantic dream.

"La Vie de Boheme is a dynamic lifestyle, even though having an unchanging essence. She is a bold, romantic, and artistic tasteful. She's a trully modern woman although she used to wear full printed long dress, boots, and floppy hat. Each generation has its own characteristics, their style creates a unique expression" - Anna Sui

The Concept

Flirty, Fun, Romantic! Most of her soul in the past, full of love for things are vintage but live fully in the present with own style. The energy in La Vie de Boheme : creativity, the joy and peace, love and happiness. Freedom and excitement. Bohemian in style, attitude and spirit. Spray it and make the world a better place! La Vie de Boheme by Anna Sui - Your life, Your passion, Your way

The Box

The main color of the box is shiny dark purple like satin. Butterflies and red roses with bright colors energy to the design, inspired by Anna Sui color palette and Bohemian art. Art Nouveau designs reflect on the life of French/European Bohemian in the late of 20th century which has characteristics of creativity, freedom and unique beauty.

The Bottle

I love the design of the bottle! It's carved with roses motif around it. The bottle has a matte lavender color, gives an elegant impression (very Anna Sui).

The cap is coated with antique gold color. The cap is topped with a floral attract a butterfly, a symbol of freedom.

I like the fact that the lid has been turned into striking design feature. On the whole, the ornate bottle has a feminine and romantic look with an antique feel.

The Fragrance

La Vie de Boheme consists of 3 notes :
- Top : Turkish Rose, Fresh pear, Cranberries, Pitaya
- Heart : Magnolia, Peony, Freesia
- Base : White Wood, Musk, Raspberry, Black Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Vanilla

The scent sparkling and juicy fruitiness. It's generally more fruity than floral. Base notes have a stronger presence and depth to the scent and the vanilla in particular adds warmth to the composition.. Overall, I like the scent of La Vie de Boheme! The scent is feminine and sensual. Suitable for daily use! La Vie de Boheme lasting 5-6 hours.

The Price

La Vie de Boheme EDT 75ml - Rp 887.000
La Vie de Boheme EDT 50ml - Rp 690.000
La Vie de Boheme EDT 30ml - Rp 505.000

Thank you for reading ^^

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Review Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme + sponsored review