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Review Anna Sui Lipstick Rouge A Lavres 702

Hello pretties!!

Another review from Anna Sui product!! Yaayy~ I really in love with all Anna Sui products ^___^ I got Anna Sui lipstick Rouge A Lavres 702 from Anna Sui visit to Jakarta 4 month ago (Read Here). I really in love for the first sight with Anna Sui lipstick Rouge A Lavres. How can I not love it? The packaging is super duper uber pretty!!!

- Bright, vivid colors available in a variety of shades
- 2 different bases with smoothest texture
- Gorgeous packaging reminiscent of a vase

Beauty Ingredients
- Rosa Canina Fruit Extract (moisturizing effect)
- Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba), Seed oil (emollient effect)

2 different bases :
Vivid Base
- Bold-Bright-Vivid Color
- Meltingly rich texture fits onto lips like a glove
- Long lasting moisturizing finish
Dazzle Base
- As bright and shiny as can be!
- Silky-smooth texture, comfortable application
- Long lasting moisturizing finish

Price :
Rp 300.000

I really in love with Anna Sui lipstick! Beside the packaging is super pretty, I love the texture of this lipstick. The texture is super smooth! Very moisturizing my lips and doesn't make my lips dry or chapped.

I love the smell of this lipstick, the smells so good like a rose. Anna Sui lipstick has 17 shade of Vivid Base and 5 shade of Dazzle Base. Mine is #702 (Vivid Base).

The color of #702 is coral nude. Perfect for smokey eye makeup or natural makeup. The color of #702 is nude but not pale on my lips, I Love it ^_^

The power staying this lipstick around 3 hour. I need re-apply after eating and drinking. Just 1-2 swipes, the color of the lipstick is look vibrant.

How can I not love the Anna Sui lipstick? The packaging, the texture, the smells, everything looks graceful and perfect ^____^

kiss kiss Anna Sui lipstick :*

Thank you for reading!!

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Review Anna Sui Lipstick Rouge A Lavres 702 + sponsored review