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Review The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow & Lipstick

Hello pretties~

Today I wanna review goodie bag jar from The Body Shop Colour Crush launch event (read here). What is the inside of the jar?

Tadaaaa~ I got 2 eyeshadow Colour Crush and 1 Colour Crush lipstick.


I got 2 Colour Crush mono eyeshadow : Something Blue and Golden Girl! As you know, Colour Crush collection is more playfull and pop color. There is 30 shade of eyeshadow (pearly and matte). The color also varied from elegant to shocking brights.

The packaging from Colour Crush mono eyeshadow is transparant. So I could clearly see the color of eyeshadow without having to open the lid of this mono eyeshadow. This transparant packaging is recyclable (go green!)

The texture of Colour Crush mono eyeshadow is a silky-soft texture. It's easy to blend and great for building layers of color. When I applied on my hand, they lasted quite long and being pigmented but when I applied on my lid eye, the color isn't pigmented than I applied on my hand. So I need primer before applied this Colour Crush mono eyeshadow.

The ingredients of Colour Crush mono eyeshadow from a blend of Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, marula oil, honey, organic coconut oil and sesame oil.

The shade of Something Blue is turquoise which is blue to green color with shimmery effect. The shimmer is not excessive. Just hint of shimmer. The shade of Golden Girls is ivory white with hint of gold shimmer. This color I usually use for highlight and tear dots on my eyes.

The price of Colour Crush mono eyeshadow is Rp 109.000

Bottom line :
- Still need a primer for lasting longer & for more intense color
- Easy to blend
- has a silky-soft texture
- Sleek design
- has 30 shade!!

Here's I create EOTD using Something Blue and Golden Girls :


I got 101-Red Siren Colour Crush lipstick. There is 24 stunning shade! Colour Crush lipstick consists of 3 family color : The Brighest Reds, The Sweetest Pink, and The Finest Nudes. Colour Crush lipstick gives a stunning pop of colors and rich moisture.

The texture of Colour Crush lipstick is very moist! The color of Colour Crush lipstick is very intense, only one swipe the color is visible. Colour Crush lipstick moisturizes my lips, doesn't make my lips chapped. Te secret in blend of cherry seed oil and Community Fair Trade marula oil which makes lips feel soft. The long lasting of this lipstick is amazing! lasting up to 5 hours. The scent of this lipstick is a soft rose scent.

The price of Colour Crush lipstick is Rp 139.000

Bottom Line :
- Great power staying
- Very moist lipstick
- Doesn't make dry lips
- intense color
- has 24 stunning shade

Here's I look using Colour Crush 101-Red Siren lipstick :

please ignore the acne on my nose! haha

Have you tried Colour Crush collection from The Body Shop?

Have a nice day, Pretties ^^

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Review The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow & Lipstick + The Body Shop