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Event : Anna Sui 2012 Autumn I Collection Launching Event

Hello pretties~

2 weeks ago I was invited to Anna Sui 2012 Autumm I Collection launching event at Gigiss Salon. I'm very excited because I love Anna Sui products (who doesn't like Anna Sui???)


Anna Sui 2012 Autumn I Collection is a strong woman, thinking like "Rebel Girl" who knows what she likes and doesn't, no matter what's on minds of others. Rebel Girl is a independant woman and have their own thoughts - like the designer Anna Sui

" I've always had a bit of 'rebel girl' in me. I truly believe in the concept behind this campaign because it is all about being yourself, being strong and not caring what others think. I like being the "leader" rather than follower" - Anna Sui

Anna believes every woman has a unique character, all she needed was issued a rebel spirit and follow your heart!!! I totally agree with her ^___^

The face of Anna Sui 2012 Autumn Collection is Chrystal Chopland. She's top model from Autralia and she's 23 years old!!! Wow she's really gorgeous don't you think??

Anna Sui 2012 Autumn I Collection is focus is on the eyes, and the collection is to provide for all "rebel girl" who want to create their unique Anna Sui look.

Anna Sui New Eye Shadow Collection

Anna Sui new eye shadow has a 41 color eye shadow. There are 7 colors eye shadow Anna's favorite color - purple (like me!!) The eye color is made from the best materials and easily apply and attached with a perfectly. This eye shadow has 3 different textures :
- Vivid Powder Base
- Pearly and Vivid Moist Powder Base
- Glittery and Pearly Cream Base

You can choose 3 colors eye shadow that you like or the style you like in this pallete!!! You can create your own pallete!!! Yeeaaayyy ^__^

Anna Sui Pencil Eyeliner WP

Eye liner pencil is an important tool for your make-up. This eye liner pencil is very easy to apply and is a made from soft candles make it easy to apply. This eye liner pencil also waterproof! There are 5 color eye liner pencil :
- Deep Black
- Pearly White
- Midnight Blue
- Chocolate Brown
- Olive Green

They also launch the Anna Sui 2012 Rose Palace, hair and body products. As you know, Rose is Anna's favorite flower so the new hair and body products is smelling roses, it's so lovely!!! I really like a rose fragrant. Anna Sui 2012 Rose Palace Hair and Body products gives a luxurious aroma

I got a make-over from Anna Sui makeup artis and try the new eye shadow and all Anna Sui products include Hair and Body products :)

After make-over and try the new Shampoo and conditioner from Anna Sui

I really like Anna sui Rose shampoo and conditioner!!! My hair smoother and soft after using this shampoo and conditoner and the important is : Fresh Rose Fragrant!!! ^o^

Prices :
Eye Shadow Rp 130.000/shade
Eye Shadow Palette Rp 105.000
Pencil Eye Liner Rp 200.000
Rose Liquid Body Soap Rp 159.000
Rose Body Lotion Rp 179.000
Rose Hair Shampoo Rp 159.000
Rose Hair Conditioner Rp 159.000

The event from Anna Sui is really satisfied!!! Because we can try the all Anna Sui products ^___^

1. Anna Sui Mascara
2. Anna Sui Blush on
3. Anna Sui Nail Polish

Lipstick Swatch

1. Anna Sui Moist Foundation Primer
2. Anna Sui Loose Face Powder
3. Anna Sui Eye Brow Powder

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia!!! I love your launching event!! I can't wait for gave a review from the goodie bag :D

Have a great saturday night, pretties \^o^/

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